Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Planter

We've been having some wonderful, crazy weather in Illinois this year. Yesterday starts 15 days of temps in the upper 50's to upper 60's and I am loving it! Imagine 60's in March.

Sunday I just could not resist taking the old Christmas greens out of my front urns and start decorating for spring. They look gorgeous and I'm going to show you step by step how I did it. Can't take all the credit for the idea...It was a Pinterest post. You can view it on the original website post here.

So here is what my beautiful bare urns look like after I cleansed them out. I left the dirt in so I could use as a base to shove my stems in.

Next I took some very tall pussy willow stems that I ordered from JoAnns and poked them in the middle for height. At first I thought they may be too tall but they worked out perfect in the end. All of my supplies were from JoAnns website.

Then I created the second "layer" using forsythia picks. I used three picks in each urn. I eventually found some real pussy willow stems that I had used last year. They were hiding in my storage shed so I added them to what I already had. Corkscrew willow stems or other delicate wood stems would work well with or without the pussy willows.

I added some Spanish moss to fill the pot. It's starting to look fabulous!

I used a long viney garland and wrapped around the entire base of the urn twice. The vine hangs over the urn slightly. That's it! I was done with both urns in about 15 minutes and they really look nice. Total cost for each urn was around $50 but I will use for a few years. You could change it up by adding some bird and nest picks, fairy picks, even Easter eggs. The possibilities are endless. 

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  1. Awesome display! Just mite have to snip some pussy willows soon!