Artist Statement

That's me at three! Velvet dress...satin flip and bangs!

Francie, lives in a small Midwest town in Illinois. After graduating with a B. A. from Illinois State University with a degree in art, she pursued many positions including recognition jewelry designer, newspaper layout artist and graphic designer at an ad agency.  She is currently the Graphic Design Technology program director and instructor at Illinois Valley Community College, where she has held that position since 2000.

Her work has been published in the booklet, “Letting Go, Printmaking: Photocopier Transfer and Monoprint.”  She has exhibited in the Venus Envy 2006, 2008 Art Exhibition in Davenport, Iowa; at August Hill Winery and Gallery in Utica, Illinois; the Prairie Arts Center in Princeton, Illinois; Illinois State University Gallery; Annual Postcard Art Exhibition; and at the Hegeler Carus Mansion Faculty Exhibition in La Salle, Illinois. The International Newspaper Marketing Association also awarded her first place in 1994 for her work on a campaign for internal communications. She takes part in many charitable events by donating her art as well as serving on committees for the March of Dimes, Illinois Valley Animal Rescue, Illinois State University Postcard Art Scholarship Fund, Special Olympics and the Saint Bede Academy Dinner Auction. She has won awards at Ottawa’s Art in the Park and at Streator’s Art on the Prairie shows. She holds the position of President for North Central Illinois ARTS Alliance.

In describing her work the artist states: “Because I’m on the computer a good part of the day instructing students how to use design software, I have a real need to create with my hands when pursuing my own professional development. When the human hand makes something there are slight imperfections or happy accidents that makes each piece unique. I prefer work that isn’t technically perfect, work that shows the hand of the artist. I feel it has more life and personality. Once we rid ourselves of the unachievable goal of perfection, we open our minds to greater creativity.”

Her favorite art forms include ceramics, photo emulsion transfers, collage and altered art. “ I am inspired to take an existing object and creating a new piece. Anything can serve as my canvas.” I love making something old, new again!  It’s a form of recycling. It makes us look at things in a different way. What once was worn, or broke or not used anymore is reincarnated into a wonderful piece of art. As an artist, there is great satisfaction in doing that.”