Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Bee Shower!

Several months ago I was asked to help with a family baby shower. I was delighted to be in on the joy of this new baby and to be counted on by family to make this an event to remember. We decided on a tea at a great and intimate spot downtown. Finger sandwiches, tea cakes and cookies...mmmmmm, so many good things to eat.

When you are the artist in the family, this kind of event planning comes with the territory. And, I love it. In another life I am a party planner...running around to pick up 1,000 votives in ice blue to line the steps of the Art Institute for that special touch at some debutante's wedding. I would do it! A to die for candy buffet with 20 different varieties of white candy. I have done that ! Printing invitations for one of my best friends sons wedding and searching on the internet till the wee hours for pearl candle wraps...I will be doing that soon!
All the sweet finishing touches!

The new baby's grandmama (my cousin) found these adorable honey bee suckers on the internet.

After doing "research" on the internet, I found a shower idea that had a bee theme and used the loveliest fabric..very trendy and modern in grey, yellow and black. That was all it took for the idea to fly. The new baby was a boy and the last name of the father also begins with a b...hence BBB or bee, bee, bee! Things just went from there. Honey bee suckers, black and white and yellow polka dot cupcake wrappers which held the most adorable "bee" hive frosting with sugar bees set on top. Baby bottles with yellow, black and white jelly beans, white milk glass serving trays laced with soft yellow polka dot ribbons, yellow mums held in white burlap warps and the most adorable bee baby slippers that set a top my very first diaper cake! Sweet and precious like the little baby boy we were honoring. It was a delight to do and a great way to say, "I love you" to my family and our new addition.

Don't spend a ton of money on a cake or cupcakes. We purchased these at our local supermarket and asked if they could make a "hive" frosting. They were happy to accommodate. The cupcake wrappers were cut from scrapbook paper using a free pattern off the internet.

The amazing diaper "Bee" cake. Notice the cute handmade felt baby slippers.
Unique gifts like this can be found on ETSY, a site for artists and craftspeople to sell their creations.
The booties actually came from the UK which makes them even more special. Had to splurge for just the right topper!
Here are the pictures to enjoy.  Let me know if you want the instructions for the diaper cake. So easy to make. Welcome sweet Brady (another "b"!) Hope you like the fuss we made for you. You deserve it baby boy.

Beautiful inside and mama and daddy. It has been a pleasure to watch this little girl grow to have her own baby.
Beautiful, baby boy Brady...


  1. B-eautiful, Francie. And didn't the slippers atop the cake come from
    B-ritian !!!!!!!

  2. Amazing!!! I love this theme and how you executed all the cuteness. The parents to bee are to cute, also! I love the baby bottle with colored jelly bellies... You are too good!

  3. Thanks ladies. Had a blast doing and finding all the unique "B" ideas. What did we ever do without the internet? We couldn't do all of the things that I found...not enough time or money! I'll save for the next shower...