Friday, December 4, 2009

Hidden Treasures

Some of my wonderful finds this year include two balls of silk in the most wonderful, muted colors, purchased at the St. Charles Flea Market. I also bought from the same lady, several yards of ripped, cotton, ribbon stamped with French images. The little doll seen in both pictures was a purchase at a recent art show at a small coffee house in a nearby city. The "Antique Roadshow" was being held upstairs and a woman came by with a box of her treasures that had been rejected by the show. She asked if I wanted to purchase anything from her and since I had just sold a painting, I decided to treat myself to the small Q-Pee doll figure. I've become obsessed with doll parts and frozen charlottes and wanted to add this one to my collection. The numbered tiles came from an old game that I snagged at a one of my favorite hand stores. I frequent it for all types of "art" materials. I especially love the face that appears on only a few of the tiles in the set. I'm sure you will see some of these treasures used in my art soon. Other scores of the season were the crystal chandelier pieces that were in a bag on the side of the road during trash day AND a small wooden tool box carrier with a sign that said, "TAKE ME - FREE" on it.

You didn't have to ask me twice.

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