Thursday, December 3, 2009

My mess of things

This is where I make the majority of my art over the year and hence the name of my blog and business. It actually started as my oldest son's baby room before it was converted into an organized mess of altered art and treasures. I try to keep up with my motto of "you can't start another project until you are all cleaned up from your last project" and that only works so long. I have put a hold on art making until after the holidays. There is a tree to put up (this year with a cat), presents to wrap, and some enjoyment that I am giving myself to just relax and breath and take in the holidays. I will enjoy coming back to this place soon, organizing my stash of fantastic finds and gently placing things back on the shelves, in drawers and in containers. I may even find things I had forgotten about. I can squeal and gasp when things are re-found. Right now I can't even walk on the floor in some areas. But, I'll leave it alone for now. My "stuff" needs a rest too.

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