Friday, January 14, 2011

I FELT Inspired...

A few months ago I participated in a Christmas Market in Morris, Il that was sponsored the a group from that city called 3 French Hens. It is actually two business owners (it began as three) who decided to organize and run this fabulous jewel of a french market. They also run several markets from June thru October near the IM canal. If you have never been to one you are missing a fun day. So much to look at, good smells and tastes, cute shops just a few steps away in the downtown area. You need to stop by Monica's place called "Ruby Begonia's" and Tracy's called "Whimsy". I fell in love with both stores - vintage chic items, fabulous clothing, jewelry, trinkets old and new... so much more then I can ever describe! That's why you need to visit these ladies...
Every girl's staple, a little black dress and LOT'S of pearls! - At Ruby Begonia's

The window displays are as much fun as the inside of the store!

Anyway, back to the story. A lady who had a booth next to me had some adorable felt pillows made out of recycled wool sweaters and cashmire. She added beautiful "cabbage roses" as I call them to the fronts.
Couldn't resist making some for Christmas gifts. Most of the "gifts" became my own stash. Can't part with them! (I only gave a few to my sweet daughter- in-law) I started to add my on style to the pillows and have also added buttons and other felted organic shapes. You can find some of my own creations on my etsy site.

Now, on to the hunt. Going to Good Will for more cool wool that can be felted for my other project ('cause ya' know I multi-task all the time, don't all women?). Wondering what that project is? All I can say is that they are something special for your little "dumpling"! Stay tuned for the big reveal...


  1. Great blog Francie! I love Ruby's and Whimsy, too. Love your pillows and looking forward to your special reveal! Laurie

  2. Thanks Laurie - I knew you would be a 'whimsy" girl. Wish we had stores like that in our area.

  3. Francis, So glad you joined us for the Holiday are were a wonderful addition. Hoping you'll join us for the Summer markets along the I & M Canal. Monica

  4. The market was so much fun. Learned a lot from the vendors. The networking was fantastic and that is as important as the sales! You WILL see me this summer. You girls have inspired me...