Thursday, April 7, 2011

Making Friends...

Last weekend, I had an opening at Gibby's Wine Den in Geneva, Il. I was contacted by them in an email last year to submit my work to be considered for a month long show. I usually jump at the chance to show my art in different venues and this was no exception. What I like about doing these shows is not only the exposure and possible sales but all the wonderful people that you meet. They usually are kind with their words, telling me that I inspire art makes them smile...we chat and find things in common with each other. Sometimes I get an email after a show on how touched people are by my paintings. So nice to get. So motivating to hear. Keeps me creating. Assures me that I am on the right path. As Sally Field said at the Oscars when she received hers..."You like me. You really like me!"

The owner of Gibby's does a nice job of promoting the featured artist.
One of my husband's paintings that was lovingly" adopted" by a lovely couple from Sugar Grove. Always happy to see our art go to a good home! Photo by Mary Solberg

A wonderful couple came to last month's show which featured work by my husband. Yes, he is an artist as well and just recently started to do some beautiful pieces on guitars. They were very interested in one of his pieces and came up to us to introduce themselves and talk about the painting. Long story short, they went home with that painting...then came to my opening to support me. How nice. Good people. Really good people. Genuine and kind.

So glad that my husband's painting went to a good home! I worry about my art. (and other people's art as well) like they are my children. Photo by Mary Solberg

One of  my funky martini glasses that has been transformed into a fabulous piece of art. On display that evening at Gibby's.

My art hanging up at Gibby's and some of the wine selection.
I was happy to see them. And, I knew there was something about my new friend Mary that I liked. You see, she is a photographer and does the most amazing work. An artist. She was humble about her pictures and when I went to her web site I was hooked on her sense of composition, her subject matter and the lovely mood that her photos created. Her newest work from Napa Valley and San Francisco are just the best. She said it rained most of the time in Napa and temperatures were cool at best. The pictures are lush and magical...twisted trees in the mist, beautiful woods covered in green moss, the funky streets of San Fran. Please visit her web site to see more of her work or her facebook page.
One of my favorite photos by Mary Solberg. I can just picture myself sitting in one of the rocking chairs with a sweet, sweet glass of wine. There is an extra seat waiting for you.

I also want to mention another Mary, the owner of Gibby's who provides a venue for artists at her business. Each month she features a different artist and does a fantastic job in creating a wonderful display. My husband and I got to know her as well. Her enthusiasm about art and her professional manner is a treat. Another new friend. Stop by at Gibby's in Geneva on Randall Road and sip on some of their unique wine selection.  Thanks ladies. Hope to see you both real soon.

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  1. Oh, my goodness, Francie...I was so touched when I read this...It is obvious that you bring much joy and happiness to others, not only with your creative artwork, but with your sweet spirit and kind heart. I am so very happy our paths crossed. Blessings & hugs to you and your family.