Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farewell Mother Goose

Just when I thought I had seen the last of the Mother Goose Garden photos, up pops a few more on the Facebook page of one of my husband's friends. However these photos show the slow deterioration of the wonderful storybook characters. We climbed them, we sat on them, we took pictures by them. They look like they belong to the island of the misfit toys, patiently waiting for a new leg or arm.

Thanks to Gary Spears of Streator for allowing me to post these on my blog. There are a few more photos that I will post soon. Waiting for permission to use. And, if you are new to my blog there are two previous posts that will bring back memories to many. Enjoy.

Poor Old King Cole. Not to merry with his head off. I think that is Little Bo Peep in the background.
So sad... to see what was once a magical place to so many children fall to pieces.

What's nice about these photos is that they are in color. Most seem to be in black and white. This old shoe needs a shoemaker's loving touch!

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