Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Day of the Dead Mirror. This one sold last year. So colorful. Tiny skulls and bones. A cowbell and some fiber are wrapped around the handle. Thanks to my artist friends Cera Porter and Judy Anderson for their contribution of the ceramic skeleton tag that I added at the last minute!
Came across some photos of my altered mirrors that I did last year. They were so fun to make and I got to use a lot of my treasures and finds on the backs of the mirrors. Bought a few more vintage hand mirrors this fall at some flea markets. I think I will work on them soon. They are just begging to be adorned!

Pretty Victorian vintage hand mirror. So pink. So pretty. Pearls and wonderful paper roses. An old silk ribbon and ceramic tag are wrapped around the handle. Ready to set on any girly dresser or table!
I create art almost every day. Sometimes it is an altered mirror. Sometimes it is a piece of jewelry. Sometimes it is just simply stitching a pretty little button on one of my baby sweaters. But I create. It is who I am. What I was meant to be. Always thinking. Always planning.  

Sharing this quote about art. Hope your week is happy and full of artful blessings!
“It takes a lifetime to create the work of art for which we were born: an authentic life. But it only takes five minutes to center yourself before you begin each new task today. Five minutes to acknowledge in your soul that you are an artist of the everyday. Five minutes to give thanks for your personal gifts. Five minutes to offer your love, creative energies, and enormous talents to the person, idea, or project awaiting your attention. Say it aloud: I am a brilliant, gifted artist of the everyday. My art is a blessing for me and mine.” 
Now…..Believe it

Excerpt from "Simple Abundance"-

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