Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Look What I've Got...

Now I know what it feels like to find buried treasure. So many beautiful pieces glistening in the sun.

It seems like forever since I've posted. Shame on me. First came finals. Ahhhhhhhhhh, summer vacation and I got lost in the lazy days of sun and fun. We all need some time off, don't you think?

I'm back. Full of projects, and art shows and things to plan and work on. The Downtown LaSalle Canal Market was a huge success. I help run this farmers/french market in my little hometown of LaSalle, Illinois. Visit us on Facebook if you would like more info and please drop by at the next market day! Here is a video that one of my wonderful students made of the first market. Love it.

Working on my third brooch bouquet. There was even a great article in one of the bridal sections in a local newspaper that featured this lovely alternative to fresh flowers. A few weeks ago I scored BIG at an estate/barn sale that I happened to notice on my way to another sale. It was one of those rare opportunities to get something for almost nothing. And I did! Two boxes of linens, lace and vintage curtains and material. A wire shopping cart that I have been wanting for years. Brooches, pins and old clip on earrings by the box full. All for a few dollars. I never have to go to another sale all summer but of course...I will.
Love my cart. The wheels are painted a great bright green. Shopping is better with a wire cart!

Here is my shopping cart. And the material that I picked to line the basket in. Which one would you choose? I'll post pics of the finished shabby chic shopping cart. Oh la la...

Fabric #1

Fabric #2
Fabric #3

Now for a nice little walk this afternoon to a produce market in our park. My cart will be filled with fresh lettuce, green beans, corn on the cob and maybe some fresh flowers. What would you fill your cat with if you had one?

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  1. I think I'm rather jealous now! I need to go to more estate sales!