Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brooch Bouquets make the news!

Great article about my brooch bouquets in one of our area papers. That's me, sitting at my dining room table creating my latest bouquet in pinks and creams. I've never been a pink girl but I could be for a chance to carry this bundle of vintage buttons, earrings and brooches down the isle!

I've made the news! You can go to the link here and read the whole glorious story of how I put together one of these lovelies! I just finished a beautiful cream and pink bouquet...some of the stems used are pictured above. Working with a bride this week on her New Years Eve wedding bouquet. So much fun. Glad my treasures are finding good uses.

Keep cool. The temperature here has been in the 100's for the last few days. No rain in sight. Illinois is know for extremes. I'm not complaining. Love the hot weather. Tomorrow I will be dragging out some furniture to paint on my shady lawn. I'll be posting pictures soon of my furniture make overs and the yummy paint that I am doing it with. Until then...

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