Thursday, March 7, 2013

WHO knew...

The owl theme is big this year, so when I saw this beauty at an estate sale I had to grab. AND it was 50% off the original price. Such a deal.

At one time it was a status symbol to own an owl necklace. It is a big trend lately and has found it's place in fashion again. The owl is a creature with profound wisdom and intelligence. It has a sense of awareness of self and all around it. This bird is brave, courageous, and has intuition and instinct.

Being a nocturnal bird it's eyes glow at night. You can see how my birdies baby blues just glisten. And I love how this owl is made with three hinged pieces in a combination of silver and gold. I had to put it with this nice chunky chain and wore it yesterday with a black top and leggings, boots and a jean jacket. So cute. I don't see how I can sell it! I may have to just find some more of my feathered friends to sell at the next market.

And speaking of markets...I will be at the AVANT GARDEN MARKET in downtown Ottawa, Il. the third weekend of March. More about this great market soon! Stop by on either Friday (4pm to 8pm) or Saturday (9am to 4pm) I may have to bring my owl necklace and wear. Stop by and let me know if I should hang on to this beauty or sell.

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