Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Honey Yogurt Parfait

Found this wonderful recipe for a fast, nutritious and low calorie treat and wanted to share with you. I usually make this for breakfast but it's also good when you have those cravings at night for something a bit sweet. It's like eating an ice cream sundae! Really it is. You'll end up licking your spoon and not feeling guilty. Here's what you will need:
  • Greek or Icelandic yogurt (I like the Vanilla flavored SIGGI Icelandic yogurt. It has a nicer texture then greek yogurt...creamier and it just tastes better)
  • Blueberries, strawberries, bananas or your favorite fruit ( I freeze a BIG bag of fruit and have it handy)
  • Slivered almonds and walnut pieces (from the health food section)
  • Honey
We sell some of the best honey around at our store from CC Speciality Foods in Plainfield, Illinois. Honey is all about the "floral source" or the flowers that produce the nectar that attracts the bees. The flowers that produce the honey is nearly endless and varied in taste as grapes are to wine. The "Honey Man's" honey is pure/raw, non-pasteurized honey. 

I like Wildflowers of Illinois honey, It produces a rich, sweet taste in the summer and a robust, almost smoky flavor in autumn with the addition of Goldenrod. This is REAL local honey to help with seasonal allergies!
AND for a real kick to your parfait instead of using honey from the jar, try a FLAVORED honey stick. These are great little treats and I also put mine in tea. Lots of our customers buy the sticks for their kids. Just snip the top and enjoy. They come in lots of different flavors like apple, peach, strawberry and peach just to name a few. You can find the sticks here.

The best for tea or a healthy snack.
Now on to making the parfait. I like to use a clear plastic drink cup or pretty glass. It's all in the presentation, right? I put in my fruit, spoon some yogurt on top of that, add nuts and drizzle with honey. A little honey goes a long way. You want to just sweeten that yogurt up a bit. Then, do it again with another layer of fruit, yogurt, nuts and honey! I like to top it off with a big strawberry.

There you have it. A delicious treat that's actually good for you! You can order The Honey Man's honey and honey sticks here They are also on Facebook. Or stop by Avant Garden in Ottawa, Illinois. ENJOY!

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