Thursday, January 20, 2011

I FELT creative Part 2

Butter creme frosting, white chocolate drops, snowy coconut...these are the soft, sweet shades of my hand sewn, felted pillows. I had so much fun making these over my holiday break I kept a few (well maybe more then a few) for myself. They look fabulous on my leather couch Think of how nice they would look with a family of pillows on top of your bed. I have five pillows on mine and I love putting different textures together, corduroy, leather, cashmire...I know, I watch too much HGTV! 

I use recycled 100% wool sweaters that I have found in all my favorite second hand stores and some sweaters came from a wonderful friend who was downsizing and knew that they would go to a good home if she gave them to me. Thanks Lynn. My creative friends look after me and supply me with some of my most treasured supplies.

Some of the pillows have a beautiful cabbage rose flower or several roses and some have a really fun and funky organic vine that I put on the top. I keep dreaming of the soft, pale mint colors that I remember having as a little girl whenever I went to my Auntie's house. A lot of the men's vintage sweaters are in these colors but are very hard to find. Don't worry, they'll pop up somewhere. Mmmmmm, I already have a vision of them...and the colors would be perfect for a little (or big) girls room.

The pillows are now in my ETSY store and here is the link, If you've not been to ETSY you're in for a real treat. Many wonderful handcrafted items and a great place to buy that special gift. (I hate the word "homemade". It reminds me of those wooden yard signs that have the lady bending over and her bloomers are showing) 

My poor family. They had to live with piles of felted scraps that appeared in almost every room of our house. Their used to my creative explosions and have just learned to live with it and let it work out of my system.

Now, I have to confess. This is not the last you'll see of my felting projects. Soon I'll introduce you to my other felted obsession. I know you'll love it! 

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