Monday, January 24, 2011

Unexpected things...

Recently I acquired a very pretty crinoline skirt. For those of you who remember they were a stiff petticoat that you put under your skirt or dress to make it BIG and bouncy. I actually purchased it to cover a lamp shade that I had seen in a store. They had stripped the shade so it was down to its bare bones and covered it loosely with a stiff crinoline material. When I got the skirt home a decided to put it on an old paper dress form that I have had for a few years. The blouse that the dress form is wearing is something from my "old clothes collection" and it even has the old sales tag on it stapled to the back of the blouse. It's very see through, I can't imagine ladies of that time wearing a blouse like this but it must have been meant to go under a suit jacket. An old silk scarf and some chandelier crystals finish the "look" of this dress form. So pretty, I set it on the radiator of my dining room. Some sweet butterflies that were actually Christmas ornaments and on sale at Target cling to the crinoline skirt. Mmmmmm, reminds me of spring, so light, pretty and pure.

This is not the only dress form that I have. There are two more that live in my house - each with their own personality. The second form that I "adopted" came from a flea market west of Rockford, Il. I discovered the sale by accident and totally felt like I was in antique heaven. I'm putting it on my calendar for 2011 - they have two a year, one in May and one in September. This second dress form was a steal at $35. I was actually a bit more but I never offer a vender what they are asking. The rule of thumb is to ask no more then 20% off the price. After the deal was made I promptly put my new wire dress form in my bedroom. It looked plain and bare as is so I went on the hunt and scavenged through my stash. I ripped through boxes and drawers and closets to come up with an old hat, some vintage ribbon and my small collection of costume jewelry pins. Here is what is looks like after it's makeover:

The wire form is just perfect for displaying my jewelry and yes, you guessed it, another crinoline skirt! This one came from ebay and looks fabulous with an old ribbon sash. As much as I tried to avoid making our bedroom frilly and girly, it just never worked out. Sorry dear. AND being the ever smart husband whose used to my rummaging, I acquired my third dress form as a gift from my significant other on a trip to Alabama. It's so beautiful, not really old at all but made to look like it. Brown wicker and a black wrought iron stand. It too has also found a home in our bedroom and like the one above, it holds more of my treasures - some vintage necklaces.
Ok, no more dress forms. I've fulfilled my obsession with them and I don't think that my very tolerant spouse would like another our bedroom. 

I love filling my house with unexpected things. At every turn and corner there is something that has been repurposed. I fill my house with the things that I love - mismatched furniture, hand-me-down items from aunts, uncles and grandparents and odds and ends from sales and markets.  Try it. Finding the unexpected makes life more interesting, wouldn't you agree?


  1. What a talent you are and what an eye you have for turning something common into a wonderful, whimsical, magical piece of treasure.

  2. Thanks Bev! It's funny but I will get more excited over a bag of old chandelier crystals that I got at Good Will then I would over a diamond necklace!