Friday, January 28, 2011

Look What's Hanging Around...

I thought I would share with you my solution for window treatments on a very odd sized window in my kitchen. The photo was taken during Christmas time and I leave up the glittered "LOVE" garland until after Valentines day. 

The lovely little crocheted potholders that you see hanging on the top of the window are from my stash. Never knew what to do with them except put them out for display and then after seeing some photos in a magazine, I decided to get some curtain clips and add them as a valance to my window. They are so very sweet and delicate…some are square…some in the shape of a basket…and a few in the shape of a little girl’s dress and boy’s romper. They need to be ironed once every few months. They tend to loose their flat shape as they hang in the sunlight. 

From the bottom portion of my window I’ve hung two vintage dishtowels that have teapots and teacups embroidered on the edges. A lovely compliment to the collection of teapots that I have displayed on the old hosier that sits beside the window. The hosier belonged to my husband’s grandmother and sat in their kitchen for years. It had layers of white paint and always sat a little crooked on the floor. I rescued it after she died, had it stripped and repaired and it is the focal point of the room, holding my salt and pepper shakers, old cookbooks and other kitchen odds and ends.

Back to the window…I had my husband put up a shelf over it and right in the middle of the wall is an ugly wall mounted air conditioner. It was the only way we could cool this section of our house without putting a new window in. In order to hide and distract your eye from the unit I placed four very old room fans…the kind that spun a metal blade around…very 50’s! From my grandmother's hands came the large lace piece that I hot glued to the edge of the shelf. It is such a wonderful piece of craftsmanship...I wonder how long it took her to make with eight children running around. 

A “RELAX” sign that I picked up at Hobby Lobby compliments those cute little fans and reminds me of the cool soft breezes of summer when windows are open and curtains blow in the wind. I’m hoping that comes very soon…too many days without sun…for now, I’ll just have to pretend those fans are spinning!

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