Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today is Wednesday. Just an ordinary Wednesday. It's my busiest day at school...three classes back to back. Love my students but sometimes I feel like a mom to a heard of needy children. I was tired, flat and sorry that it was another day without sun. But WAIT! It's Wednesday. Wednesday! I have Zumba class tonight.

I love to dance and in my head I am fantastic. A fly girl. Got all the moves. In reality, I can hold my own but need to find my groove if you know what I mean. I've found it in Zumba. Our instructor is a ball of fire. A whirling dervish. Always positive. Great figure. Fantastic dancer. The class is large and popular. All shapes and sizes, all ages, all women except for the occasional poor soul that wanders in and thinks "HE" can shake it up with us. No one cares how good or how "rusty" anyone is AND the real treat is the last dance where we turn the disco ball on, switch off the lights and dance down the line like we are the best of the best on Soul Train.

I have to say that you do need a little "junk in your trunk" to successfully shake your booty. And shake is what we do. Up and down and round and round, the backside of a woman is an amazing thing! Now don't think I'm weird but several of the younger girls who stand in front of me have amazing moves. Really. Hypnotic. The have that something "extra" in their booty that slides from one side to the other.One girl reminds me of a thoroughbred horse. A backside that rotates, vibrates and does things that no other can. And she has JUNK in her trunk! OK, skinny girls, that's one thing the rest of us have over you. Meat on our bones.

We hip hop, we salsa, we dance and get lost into the music. What happened today doesn't matter for an hour. Leave me alone. I'm dancing in the disco in my head. And it's a pretty great time. Lost in the music. Not tired anymore but energized dancing to the beat...beat...beat...of the music. Oh, and I might add that during all this fun I'm getting a great aerobic workout and toning spots that haven't been used in ages. I've included a video that was taken a few months ago by our local radio station. You can barely see me but I'm the one in the second row behind the girl in black. I cringed when I saw the video camera that day in class but I actually think that I did OK.

Enjoy the video and find some time to dance like no one is watching


  1. Hi Francie! Nice to see you at The Rock yesterday after all these years! Just checked out your blog - great posts! My photo blog is here:

    I look forward to reading your updates.

    Lori (Rosenfelder) Nicoli

  2. Your photos are amazing. Please come join our ARTworks group soon! Glad we hooked up...Keep watching for a post about your photos and link to your blog.