Friday, February 18, 2011

Lord Licorice! Introducing my Felted Baby Sweaters

In December, I participated in a Christmas market in Morris, Illinois. The vendor near me had some wonderful felt pillows and baby sweaters. Loved, loved, loved, everything she had but knew if I wanted some I could probably make them myself. Which I did.  Check out my post,  “I FELT Creative” on the pillows that I made and are now on my Etsy site.  As an artist, it is good to get away from the things that I always do or feel “safe” doing and to try something totally different. It felt good to try something other then paint, collage or mixed media.

I’m now introducing the fabulous baby sweaters that I’ve created with a sweet and vintage twist to them. The minute I made one I had to make more. And more. And more, each with their own luscious personality. One by one, they are pieced together, all of the details are hand sewn. Delicious colors, some bold and bright, some soft and muted. After the 7th sweater I decided to pull out my precious vintage button stash. Now, it’s very hard for me to use some of my treasures, especially my buttons. I keep them in old mason jars and take them out occasionally to look at all the shapes, sizes and colors of these wonderful trinkets. Some are the shape of delicate flowers…violets and sweet peas. Others are graphic and bold…art deco. Others are shiny rhinestones. Each unique and special.  Baby “Anthropologie” here I come.

The sweaters look simply amazing. Makes you want to scoop them up like those soft pastel mints that you auntie had on her coffee table in a depression glass bowl.  Think how cute these sweaters would look with leggings and a headband. They are so special they can be handed down as a family heirloom.
Lord licorice! The little sweat pea in your life would look adorable in any of these sweaters. And, what a special gift for a shower or new baby. I’m anxious to take them to my next art show at Starved Rock Lodge this coming Sunday. Come visit me and tell me what you think. They will also be on Etsy soon. 
One of my favorites - SOLD!

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