Sunday, February 13, 2011

Incredible Women

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of helping with and attending the "ART of Dessert". It is a fundraiser for two art groups that have come together to support each other....two heads are better then one (in this case, many heads!) The groups are the Community Art House of Ottawa...CHAOS and North Central Illinois ARTworks. The evening was delightful and elegant...white roses... black and white theme... fabulous desserts that added many calories to my daily count...a really nice evening.

What is inspiring about this evening are the incredible women who put it on. Caryn and Mary, two of the key players in CHAOS who are generous, smart, amazing and all around super women. They were gracious enough to ask myself and my friend Judy to join in their fundraiser.  We represent ARTworks and jumped at the chance to work with them and raise some money for our group.

Sweet creations waiting to be judged.

The four of us met a few months ago over coffee. I love surrounding myself with incredible, amazing women... it inspires me. Mary is calm, smart, focused, organized...she makes lists and checks things off like Santa. Is the ying to Caryn's yang. Caryn is a burst of, funny, the greatest multi-tasker I know...can do 10 things in the blink of an eye. AND, does those 10 things well. They are great leaders. And there is nothing better then being in the company of great leaders. Judy and I were honored to be included. By the way, my friend Judy is pretty incredible herself but that's for another post!
All the amazing women on stage.
Met other women involved in CHAOS. One of my favorites is Aliz...bright pink hair, funky and fun with the most faaaaaaaaabulous voice. Did you ever meet someone and "click" with them immediately? That's Aliz. Can't wait to get to know her better. Love her quirky smile and positive attitude. I love quirky. She sees the glass as half full. Oh, and I can't forget all those creative women who made the most amazing cakes and treats for the dessert competition. Alas, no guys in this bake-off!

Surround yourself with women who have charm, wit and style. Smart women who are not afraid to live. Strong women who are not afraid to say NO. Women who support each other. It will inspire you to be the incredible person you were meant to be. Thanks girls.

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  1. A-l-i-z. just fyi :)

    -a friend of A-l-i-z (also on stage behind her)