Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amazing Friends...

I have so many amazing friends. Here is one of them. Meet Jill. She is happiest when she is painting, teaching French to children at the college (where we both work) or whipping up some fabulous meal or pastry. Someday to live in Paris...or New York...or anywhere exotic. Take me with you!

Jill and one of three Abraham Lincoln hats that she completed for the City of Ottawa
A second hat by Jill displayed in downtown Ottawa.

Bursts into the room like a cork off a wine of the J Crew and Anthropologie. Her laughter is contagious and she fizzes like the bubbles in a fine glass of champaign! Love, love, love to be around her. Her vast appreciation of information about music, cooking, art, fashion is mind boggling. Never at a loss for words. 
One of my favorites. Would look marvelous in my kitchen. I think it looks a bit like me!

I met her at work over 10 years ago. She is one of those employees that always has a smile on her face...kind...really cares about people. Oh, and did I tell you she is a champion for our four legged friends. Well, indeed she is.

Her art for the Zonta fundraiser, "Portraits of Women of the World". Sure to snag a good price.

She is also an artist and her work reflects her spirit. Bright, fun and wonderful. Please enjoy these great pieces of art from her collection.

Adorable table and chair set. Any little girl or boy would love to have in their room. If you ask her real nice you can commission her to do one for you!

The Sketchbook Project

Inside Jill's journal
Our group of women artists participated in a worldwide art project to complete a journal and return to the Art Coop in New York city. They are on the road right now on a seven city tour. Chicago stop is in June. 

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