Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Portrait of a Woman

A few months ago our art organization was asked to participate in a fundraiser for our local ZONTA club. Nine by twelve inch, "chunky" canvasses were given to each artist and it was up to us to interpret the theme. So fun. I painted two and could have done more. Love challenges like this to get the old creative juices going. Great to be part of an art community and cooperative effort.

At first I struggled with an idea but I decided to just let myself go with no plan. No rhyme nor reason. I did have a wonderful quote for Maya Angelou for inspiration. I turned the canvass to landscape view and started drawing a wonderful face. Paint was next. Colors were bright and happy. Hair curled. Like mine used to do until I discovered a flat iron. Take a look at what I did! She's fun. She's wise. Take her home with you.

I am a
million different things
at a million times
I am me
I am me
with NO apologies...

The second canvass was created from a photo that I took of my neighbor's granddaughter. A real tomboy. Hair blowing in the wind. Dirt on her face. Popsicle in hand. She moved all around that day and I just let the camera click away. The photo was put in Photoshop and I played with a few filters and printed the photo out as large as my canvass. A little gel medium and the real fun began. Slaps and daubs of paint. A bit of wax crayon. Some pencil and charcoal. Another great quote.This little one is not going to be pushed around. She is comfortable in her own skin.

This painting is from one of our ARTworks members, Hugo. It was created to honor his mother and has a beautiful story to it that I would like to share in his own words. Sorry for the small photo. It does not do the painting justice. You will just have to come to the fundraiser to appreciate it's charm!

"My mother was about 6 months pregnant with me when she was working the tomato fields. This painting is a portrait of her and a reminder to me that her prayers for me as she sacrifice so much have not come unfulfilled. An answer to the question I here so much,..."what's your motivation?" I love you mom with all that I am and with all that can ever come from the toil of my hands. Today we celebrated her 84th birthday. She argued with me that she wasn't that that woman....A prayer for all you mothers and all you do."

Touching. What a powerful message. Thoughts and words on canvass. A journal of life. Feelings. Emotions. That is what art is all about.

Finally, this last painting from another of our art league members. Her name is Judy and she is an incredible art instructor in the area. She is retiring this year. She has touched so many of her students and they will miss her. Glad to have her as a friend. She's got my back.

 "Salty" is the name of this canvass. I love the face in this painting. Looking right at you. Strong. Secure. There is a wisdom in women of a certain age. Mother Earth. The all knowing one. Paid her dues. Friend. A bit worn. But beautiful. Soul sista'. Wonder what the woman in the background is thinking? She also has a second painting called "Sweet". Not finished yet. Equally as nice.

If you would like to own any of these paintings you will need to participate in the fundraiser at Mark Allen's Restaurant in Peru, IL. Great place. Alive with art on the walls. Delectable dishes. Tickets are $25 and with that you will get a ticket placed in a bucket in front of each and every painting that is donated. If you want better chances to win a favorite piece you can purchase more tickets for $1 each and place in the bucket of your choice. Easy. Join in on the fun on Sunday, April 10. More info is on the sidebar of my blog.

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