Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Offering a gift...

I am the kind of person that rips things out of magazines. Stuffed in my coat pocket. Piled in between my calendar book. Dropped on the side of the car seat. Things that make me smile. Articles that make me think. Recipes. Art projects. Cool things for my make believe house that I will someday live in.

I have gathered most of the pieces of paper and put in a box in my office. From time to time I mix the papers up and reach in to pull one out to read. Like a raffle. A few days ago I found this beautiful thought that I try to practice whenever I can. I wish I could give credit to the author but I haven't a clue as to who wrote this. Here it is, simply said:

There is a gift in simply being present with someone, even if the encounter lasts only 30 seconds. When I make eye contact with the supermarket clerk or the gas station attendant, my eyes say, "I see you. You are not an appendage of the cash register. You are a person." It is false humility to assume we do not make a difference. Today, I pray to make all my encounters, including the casual ones, count.
ACTION: As you rush through your day, stay conscious of each interaction. Honor each person with eye  contact AND a smile. It doesn't matter if the person smiles back. You are offering a gift, not making a trade.
Try it today in the store and REALLY look the person behind the counter. Let your eyes meet. SMILE. There is that moment when you can actually feel the connection. The connection that we are all human beings. With feelings. A soul.

Maybe with this connection it won't matter if English is my second language. If I live in a bigger home then you do. If I haven't worked in months. If my lifestyle or the way I worship or the color of my skin is not quite what you expected. The gift I give to you is that I respect your existence in the universe. Reach out...

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