Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Covered in Chocolate!

Who doesn't love chocolate? I love it with all of the taste buds in my mouth. Are you kidding me? Out of your mind if you don't crave for this sweet passion of mine. No other treat brings on passion, drama and delicious mouth watering sensations than chocolate. Everything goes better with chocolate and this Easter was no exception.

There is a wonderful shop in Utica, Illinois that prides itself in making some of the best chocolate I've ever tasted. The Chocolate Shoppe is a Chicago based business dedicated to bringing specialty chocolate candies and desserts right into your mouth! All hand-made recipes are created with premium Belgian chocolate that is to die for.

Shall I tempt you? Tell me when your mouth starts watering...
Can you believe how big this strawberry is? My, my...covered in chocolate!
Fat strawberries for Mardi Gras...filled with custard and drizzled with chocolate, oh my! Coconut haystacks, dark chocolate covered pears, chocolate Oreos and graham crackers, and dare I say it BACON. Yes, the bacon is out of this world and who would have thought it would work with chocolate?
Cute little Twinkies smothered in chocolate! Sinful.
Do I have your attention now? Let's get back to Easter. Rumor had it that this little chocolate shop had some new items covered in chocolate that would send me straight to the moon. Are you ready for this? TWINKIES and PEEPS. Yes, you heard me right and both are my obsessions. Oh, those soft little sponge cakes filled with cream that I devoured as a little girl...and peeps, new to my list of must haves. Last year I couldn't pass a isle in the store that had them stocked on the shelves. I would sneek a peep box or two in the car on my way home from grocery shopping. Hints of  white sugar and marsh mellow still clinging on my lips usually gave me away to my husband. As I walked in the door  I could see it on his face ..."she's been eating peeps again."
Sweet little chocolate Peeps. How can you resist when they are looking at you that way?

I headed straight for the Chocolate Shoppe to pick up my treasured delights and boy, I can say they are so very good. Next time you are in the area, stop by for a taste of pure heaven.

By the way, the Chocolate Shoppe won an award at the 2011 Art of Dessert . For more on this event and to see pictures of the other entries you can go to my post.
The 2011 Art of Dessert Winner. So good.
White and dark chocolate tulip-shaped dessert cups with dark chocolate mousse, spiced chai whipped cream and crushed almonds, topped with a mint leaf and a blackberry. Who but a true chocolatiere could think of such decadent things?

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