Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Fish in a Big Pond....

This past Saturday, I attend my husbands high school class reunion. I have mine in September. Out of the two events, I prefer to go to his. Actually feel like I know more people at his reunion. He attended Marquette HS in Ottawa, Illinois and they hold their reunion alongside the public high school that is in the same town. It's fun to be an observer at someone else's reunion. Who was popular? Who was the brainiac? Who were the big fish in the little pond? But the most important question...what do his old girlfriends look like 40 years later!!???

I won't go to my reunion this year. Only went to two of mine. That was enough. I was a little fish in a big pond. A very little fish. But that was 40 years ago. Older...wiser...comfortable with who I am. Artist. Mother. Wife. Friend. Daughter.
Mike and I at our older son's wedding in the Dominican Republic. I was a curly girl then.

Here is what I posted on my husband's Facebook page the day after the reunion:
"There is life after HS. I wasn't a cheerleader, or a homecoming queen or a star in any sport. I was smart, nerdy and introverted. It just takes some people longer to grow into their best times. I would have given anything for a date with a cute boy. Instead I married him! Worth the wait. Thanks for taking me to your reunion dear."

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