Tuesday, July 24, 2012

and a sixpence in her shoe...

"Some thing old, something new, something borrowed something blue and a sixpence in her shoe."
This week I had the chance to do two of my favorite things. I went to an estate sale and visited with my youngest son on one of his last weekends in Logan Square. I also stopped at the Rosemont Flea Market. The Rosemont had more trash then treasure but I managed to walk away with an old vintage suitcase and one of my two wedding dresses that I purchased that day. The dress was hanging from the vendors windshield wiper blades on his van and it caught my eye as I walked by. He was glad to get rid of it for a whopping $3!
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The second dress was from an estate sale right on Logan Boulevard a few blocks from my son's soon to be ex-apartment. I let out a scream when I saw I could actually get a chance to go into the house, wander through the rooms and pick through all the treasures. The second wedding dress was waiting for me in a box marked: Rudow & Kruse, Chicago, Mrs. Ubers, 1883, Wedding Dress.
Logan Square has some of the most beautiful homes on the boulevard. Would love to live here. There are restaurants, coffee shops, and great little stores. I will just have to visit for now.

Don't know if the box is the original but inside was a beautiful, Victorian dress. A steal for $25. Hand sewn with ribbons, lace and beads. Some spots are showing signs of wear but it is beautiful, non the less. The waist is as small as can be. I'd say about 25". Tiny lady for such a heavy dress.

I also walked away with two beautiful old picture frames and a kitschy little purse. I am kicking myself for not taking the old lace curtains and two large American flags on wooden poles that Mike discovered in the garage. They were circa 1950's.

Both wedding dresses will be taken care of and proudly put on display at some point. Perhaps with my vintage brooch bouquets! Take a peek at the video and help me decide what I should do about the "surprise" that I found on one of them.


  1. Francie, as a fellow collector of odd old treasures you have to find out what they are. Then you can make the decision to put them back or not. Keep us posted! Nancy Scott

  2. OPEN IT!! I want to know what you find! How exciting