Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A collection of brooches...

Stunning brooches!
Yesterday I met with another bride to begin planning her brooch bouquet for her early December wedding. What a sweet lady. Walked in with a shopping bag and inside was 4 or 5 boxes of her treasured pins and brooches. My heart did a flip flop. So many beautiful gems. I am making her bouquet, and one for her bridesmaid and junior brides maid.

Brides can also use their own brooches in a bouquet. In fact some will throw a shower and ask each guest to bring them a vintage brooch. super idea!

This bride is a chef and her fiancé is in the military. Watch the video and see how she is going to incorporate some special things into her bouquet. The left over brooches will be given to people who are helping out at the wedding to wear. Great ideas to keep in mind if you are thinking if carrying a brooch bouquet at your wedding! Can't wait to finish and show you what they look like...

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