Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Around the house at Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. It's almost the end of one year and the beginning of a new. Time to reflect, rest and rejoice. Good things happened this year and I expect more in 2013. Not so good things happened but we'll get through like we always do with faith, hope and determination. Life goes on with or without us and I'd rather be a very active participant! :)

Here are some scenes from our home. Boxes and boxes of Christmas "stuff" came down from the attic. Only had time to put just a few things up but it always manages to look just fine. No worries. No fussing. I just enjoy the process of putting things up and seeing what I get...Hope you enjoy.
I love my Shiny Brights. I have boxes and boxes of them collected over the years at sales and flea markets. So delicate.
The garland just drips off my Christmas tree.
We always cut a real tree. A tradition at our house that cannot be broken.
One of my cats, Louie guards "his" tree.

I had this bird and a flock of his friends in a box that I had tucked away and almost forgot about. Love his cheerful little beak.
This little fellow has tiny claws that hold on to any branch.
This elf has mischief on his mind. Never noticed that he was holding on to a doll and had a kitty under his arm.
I love this photo of my living room shelf, knick-knacks and gold star
Lula watches from her perch on the back of the living room couch. Comfy on her soft, leopard blanket. Hard to believe she was my Christmas gift (to myself) two years ago.
Tick-tock, tick-tock, my collection of Westclox Big Ben clocks count down to the new year. And, it will be one year on that day that this historic factory in the nearby town of Peru, Illinois was set on fire. Heard the sirens as a lay in bed that night.
My dining room dazzles!
Christmas aprons double as curtains with pot holders for a valance. A bottle brush candy cane hangs in the window.
Old skates wait by the door.
It is in all of us to believe!
A touch of Christmas on my bed.
Outside welcome.
My bike stays out all year and so do the lights on it!

Chance, one of the porch kitties looks out of the window and waits for Santa Claws.
Sweet Sadie.
It's a good bet that I will be spending a lot of my Christmas break in this room, reading, Pinterest -ing, and making plans for 2013!

As I look around the living room there are boxes and papers on the floor and gifts scattered all around waiting to be worn, used or put away. In a flash, it is all over with. The plate of Christmas cookies holds broken candy canes and a few crumbs. Time to settle in and let another holiday go.

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  1. love it francie... i love the christmas season too. :)