Sunday, March 16, 2014

Some like the predictable...

I love to find things in unexpected places...the feather from a blue bird in my yard, the penny on the ground, the baby kitten (s) under my porch. HA! For those who know me I'm full of surprises. Makes life interesting. Keeps everyone around me on their toes.

Babies and mama kitties under my porch. What a surprise that was. Read more about the kitties HERE.
Please let me in...Dont worry, this sweet little fella has been adopted by us along with his brother and join LOUIE our first house cat as inside kitties.
I like a twist on familiar things. My funny phrases on blocks of old wood are my newest project. Some make me giggle out loud. My collection of letters meets the pile of old wood pieces that I found in the home we just bought. Can't wait to stack the finished boards in an old wire basket and put in the store.

LOVE this saying!
Same with my new house. A surprise around every corner. Leopard print on the stairs. A black and white polka dot chaise lounge in the living room.  A very large, rusty metal arrow pointing up the stairs. Don't forget the "Revival Held Here" sign on an old piece of barn wood above the pocket doors. Maybe I'll paint my kitchen bright tourquoise because I've always wanted a room that color. Ohhh, and that shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom. Graffetti and guitars meet the tub! Can't wait to show you pictures of that!
Found this sweet birds nest at a tag sale a few weeks ago. Quite unexpected but oh so nice to see as a reminder of long awaited spring. Perhaps the eggs are what inspired my desire for a turquoise kitchen.
Just a few of my thoughts and ideas. I know some of my friends are shaking their heads. That's OK. Some like the predictable. Yawn. Not for me however. As Caroline Kennedy said, "I think my mother made it clear that you have to live life by your own terms and you have to not worry about what other people think and you have to have the courage to do the unexpected."

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