Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat

One of the great things about the house we just bought is that several of the rooms were remodeled within the last few years. My first floor laundry room, bathroom and kitchen have all been updated. Lucky us. You know how expensive a kitchen and bathroom remodel can be!

However, I do need to leave my mark on these spaces. Let's start with the laundry room. Very basic. A surprise that the washer and dryer were left. I would have had to have gotten new ones so grateful they stayed. I need to find a spot in this room for one litter box (we have THREE cats and the other boxes will discretely go elsewhere!). Don't want it cluttered like our old laundry room but looking for ideas to really jazz this room up. Bright new rug, shelving over the washer and dryer, a classy laundry basket? What do you think?

I'd love to hear your ideas and comments. Will share what I do so stayed tuned for my laundry room update!
So here is the room as it looks now. Nice tile floor and painted walls. The room is SMALL and only as wide as the washer and dryer so space is an issue. are my ideas:
Love the wall piece. Instead of an old door, I could do on an old window. Have a few at the store that would be perfect!
Love the shelving and the clean look of white.  Could work above my washer and dryer.
The ironing board has always been a bone of contention with my husband and I.  Never a place for it. Always out and ready to use in a spare bedroom at our old home. It has becomes a "spot" to throw clothes and other things. The cats find it a good spot to sun. This is a great idea for storing it in our laundry room and it's only out when needed!
I have to have this great, vintage-looking drying rack. The internet is a great source to find hard-to-get items like this. Saves time running from store to store. Found one on Amazon with FREE shipping. It looks like they are all made with natural wood and can be painted the color of your choice or left au naturale! 
Love the table for a folding/work/storage area. Don't know if there is room opposite the washer and dryer. Will have to take measurements.
Love, love, LOVE this rug and the pop of color and elegance it brings into this room. I'm on a mission to find one. Every room needs a starting point piece and this is it for the laundry!
Great solution.. open shelving in this small space.  Does anyone keep their laundry room this neat?

All of these photos came from my Pinterest page and you can follow me here. This should be enough inspiration to start. Let's see how close I stay to all my pins and inspiration...stay tuned!

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