Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Alluring Vintage Slips

There's nothing that can make a girl feel so good as a vintage slip. Add some tie dye to it and you have a modern twist on this alluring piece of lingerie. Add the right accessories and it becomes the perfect dress. Cute with a jean vest, jacket, sweater and cowboy boots or flip flops. 

I've also sewn some sweet silk vintage flowers on some that I scooped up at a tag sale a few weeks ago. Makes the slips even sweeter.

Slip into one of these on a warm summer evening. They are perfect for sleeping and much better then sweat pants and a tee! You can feel good and they're comfortable.

These beauties are meant to be seen. Shear in some places and pleated or trimmed with beautiful lace in other places. The dye takes to the lace differently then it does on the cotton, nylon, silk or whatever the slip is made of. It's fun to see what beautiful shades happen when they are taken out of the dye bath.

According to a Slip of a Girl,  "There’s also the romance of the past, where we always think the past was dreamier and sweeter than the time we’re living in now. For some people, vintage slips are purely a romantic thing, and they know that men are responding to it. A lot of men prefer the tease of seeing what they think they’re not supposed to see, like a slip hem. It’s much more come hither and sweet than in-your-face." So totally agree. Don't you?

So come down to "a mess of things" in downtown Ottawa and browse through our rack of lovely slips and lingerie. Be as campy as Madonna or Cyndi Lauper, and wear your slip as a dress. Or sink into bed this summer in a fanciful slip. Feel sexy. Dreamy. Alluring. 

By the way, these fabulous were taken upstairs on our second floor of the Avant Garden building in downtown Ottawa, Illinois where you can find my store and other shops run by artists, craftsmen and emerging retailers. Don't forget to say hi.

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