Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Porch Kitties - Part III

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The porch kitties were mine. But, I had some minor details to work out. Where would they sleep in the winter? How would I afford to spay/neuter both cats? Could I convince my husband to let them come in the house when the days and nights got cold? After all, we live in Illinois where it can go down to sub zero for days at a time. Details. Details. It was still summer so I had lots of time to figure most things out.


Dilemma #1 - The Porch Kitties needed to be "fixed". It is the right and responsible thing to do. Too many cats roam only to make more cats. Please, be responsible. It is not cheap to fix one animal, let alone two. That's where Illinois Valley Pet Taxi came to my aid. An article in our local newspaper about the agencies in our area who help with the overpopulation of animals saved the day for us. This is a LOW cost service and animals are dropped off in nearby Mendota then taken to PAWS Chicago for the procedure. My kittens were neutered (they are both boys!), checked for parasites, given the appropriate shots and de-wormed, ALL for $30 a cat. They were returned to me the next day. The drop-off station staff was friendly and caring and set my mind at ease as I brought Chance and Lucky for their "first night away from me". If you find a ferrel cat they will do the same service and find a forever barn or warehouse for that animal. These cats are great for pest control. The day I brought my porch kitties in was a "slow" day...only 35 cats made the trip from Mendota to Chicago and back! Amazing. This organization was one of the main reasons I could keep my kitties and I am most grateful for their help. Please help support this and other organizations like it.

Louie, our indoor cat.

Dilemma # 2 - I was getting very attached to Chance and Lucky. Worried about them all the time. Were they safe? Would they stray too far from home? Would someone try to take them? Would they wander in the road and ....stop, I don't even dare say it. What did they do all night when they were left out? All these worries came to a head one morning when my husband commented to me that he had observed a pair of racoons eating from the kitty dish the evening before. WHAT! WHERE WERE THE PORCH KITTIES when all this was going on? "Watching from the deck below", was his answer. That was all I had to hear. They are coming in at night or I won't be able to sleep. Thoughts of kittens as racoon treats would not leave me mind. Had to work on my husband however because two more animals to the household was just way more then he could handle. He has a soft spot for animals however and I convinced him that I would just bring them in during the evening hours and let them free in the morning. He agreed. It would just be a matter of time and...

The Porch Kitties all snugly on my Ralph Lauren bedspread!
Dilemma #3 - What to do with the Porch Kitties in the winter ...would be solved! Little by little, Chance and Lucky have been introduced to the other animals. Sadie our Great Pyr is a gentle giant and accepts anyone, human or animal into the family. Louie, our indoor cat was delighted to have company. He usually is confused with his normal playmate...our 4.5lb chihuahua, Thalula Rose. Lula, as we call her, is the boss of this animal family. Sweet and lovable. Pushy and demanding. One minute she is cuddling near Louie and the next she is chasing him around the house. Gotta lover her. All are getting along fine with Chance and Lucky except for the occasional food fight. We're working on that one.

So here we are. One big happy family. Chance and Lucky are safe, warm and loved. Chance is still the friendlier one. Holds his ground with the other animals. Loves to get close to my face when I lay down next to him. Beautiful jade green eyes stare back into mine. Barely makes a "meow". Comes out more like a squeak. Lucky is a bit more on the reserved side. Like a child who doesn't want to be kissed or hugged and wiggles and squirms when you try to hold him. Once you get close to him he flops and stretches and begs to be touched. Like humans, those who need the most love show the most resistance to it. They are outside when the days are nice and come in early afternoon for the rest of the day. They sleep on soft blankets and pillows. When winter is full blown they will be in the house.
Lula, our very sweet but bossy Chihuahua.

Chance and Lucky have found a forever home. Most days spent outside are spent lounging on our outdoor furniture or chasing after chimpmunks and birds. I have found more then my share of a scattered bird feathers in the back yard. The Porch Kitties will make great mousers! Their favorite spot inside is on our king size bed right on top of the Ralph Lauren bedspread. Seems so long ago that they were huddled under our porch. Cobwebs in their whiskers. Burrs stuck in Chance's long-haired tail. Skinny and scared. So many times I whispered to them..."I have good things in my house" as I tried to coax them to allow me to touch them. Yes, I do have good things in my house, lots of good things.

And so they are finding out...

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