Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Seasons Greetings...

It's been a long selling season and this year I out did myself with holiday shows in November and December. My favorite was the French Hen Christmas Market in Morris, Il. Monica and Tracy do a wonderful job filling a vacant storefront or a fairground building with fabulous vendors and lots of holiday splendor. Another fun market was in Ottawa, Il and the beautiful Christmas "chandelier" you see above hung above the vendors. Guess what? It is made of chicken wire wrapped with twinkling Christmas lights. Mmmmmm, looks like I'll be making some of these for my own decorating in 2012.
Paper mache snowmen that I made, trimmed with my collection of Christmas past.
Now that the selling season is over (for a few weeks at least!), I plan on relaxing, reading, watching some great movies, planning some new creations, making some of my old, favorite creations and adding some ideas to my "vision" journal. Of course I'll be cuddling with the animals and hopefully cleaning out my art space. School starts mid-January and I'm looking forward to the countdown to SPRING. In the meantime, here are some holiday/new year thoughts to share with you:

I hope the new year brings your HAPPINESS...deep down in your heart.

SERENITY...that brings peace to your soul.

 DREAMS...that do their best to come true.

 and a PATH...for all your journeys to follow.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year sweet friends. I am amazed at all the creative women I have met this year and I am inspired by their work. I am flattered by all of you who read and follow my blog. Thank you for your support. I am lifted by my family and dear friends who support and endure my crazy ideas, fits of creative expression, hoarding tendencies and think everything I do is simply the greatest! Next year brings more fun and surprises. I promise.

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