Monday, January 16, 2012

RACCOON! Porch Kitties - Part 4

You might think that I would be upset having a raccoon in my kitchen. Not so. This lovely creature is Chance. One of the porch kitties. Wanted to share with you how much he's grown and how beautiful he's become.

I really do think he is part Maine Coon cat. According to my research into this breed he has a lot of the characteristics. In fact, when my older son first saw him his comment was, "Mom, he looks part raccoon."
That's Louie on the left and he's an adult cat. Chance will be a year old in March.
Maine Coon cats have a furry mane around their necks and their ears are lynx like. Their paws are large with tufts of hair that grow in between their toes and they have beautiful large tails. They can grow to be 22 to 28 pounds!
Pretty boy
One of the most enduring characteristics of this breed is the way they get right up into your face and look deep into your eyes. He is a real lover boy. So sweet.
Lovely Lula!
That's Lula watching me take photos and miffed because she isn't the center of attention. Good girl. You've been out numbered and look very similar to a large black mouse! Watch out for the kitties. Don't fret. She will sit by me this evening as I work on new creations for "a mess of things" - texting gloves, lovely vintage pillowcases trimmed with lace, more funky jewelry and fun hats for the summer. In fact, there's tons to work on. Will be sharing photos soon.

Gotta run...

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