Friday, February 17, 2012

Beautiful Jewels

I am obsessed with making a bouquet of vintage pins and buttons. They are quite lovely and oh so the rage right now. Last evening I sat on the couch with the kitties and opened jars of buttons that I have collected. Forgot I had so many. They bounced and banged in the tin bowl. Kitties were very intrigued by the shiny treasures.

Here is what I pulled out. Enough to make a few bouquets. So excited to begin but not ready to start, just yet. For now I will put these treasures in bag and let my ideas brew for a while. I'm a bit intimidated by this project. The moment will come and I'll dive in. Can't wait to show pics of the finished bouquet!

Here is an example from Brooch Bouquet. Isn't it wonderful? And, one from Hula Gypsy below.

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