Friday, February 10, 2012

Paper Roses

Lucky taking a snooze on our dining room chair.

Don't you just love those long lazy Sundays. I'm in heaven on the weekends. Time moves slow. Everyone moves slow. The animals sleep most of the day. Calm and serene.
Sadie sleeping in the sun porch.
I stay in my pajamas until way past noon. Let everything go. Except the things I really want to do. If I'm lucky I will have the house to myself. Like to explore far away places on my iPad and catch up with my favorite blogs. Where has the time gone...
Please don't bother Lula when she is getting her beauty sleep.
One of my favorite blogs is Count Your Blessings. I met Polly, the creator of the blog, at the French Hen Market in Morris, Il last year. She was the vendor next to me and had some of the most beautiful pieces that I have ever seen.

Found this fab post on how to make paper roses. Of course I keep everything so I did not even have to venture outdoors to buy that old wrapped up crinkled paper used to make the roses. How many decades ago did we use this stuff? Glad I saved.
The vase is a bit chipped on the rim but no one can see with the flowers in it.  Picked the vase up at a rummage sale. Funky little piece that is made to look like a tree trunk. Love the color!

Here they are, all done. Beautiful centerpiece. A gift for a friend or elderly person. Can't wait to use on the next package I wrap. My mind is swirling with other ways  I can use. Make sure to visit Count Your Blessings for this tutorial. Thank you Polly for sharing your lesson on how to make these darling roses.

Polly's blog has "store" with beautiful vintage treasures. You can also visit her at the 2012 French Market in Morris, Illinois. Her display is always the best.
Louie loves to lounge and take long cat naps.
Now, where was I...Oh yes, a cup of tea, some almond windmill cookies and the kitties curled up in my lap. Let the dreary days pass...these paper roses are safe in their pastel green, chipped vase. Pretty on my kitchen table. They'll do just fine until it is warm and sunny enough for the real ones.

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